We are committed to ensuring the success of the oil and gas industry brings long term benefits to the communities we operate. Our goal is to nurture long term relationships with host communities and key stakeholders as we believe working together profitably and responsibly will help build a more sustainable business and society.

Moreover, our strategic priorities are directly related to corporate responsibility, ensuring that fundamental parts of our business are aligned with our determination to create shared prosperity. We are fully aware of the rule in public relation as regard the host community so we have our seasoned public relation officers who mediate with its stakeholders as neglecting them could ignite conflict which could hinder service delivery.

TUK Offshore Structures (TOS) is positioning to be a leading provider of subsea services, Procurement, topside Inspection and maintenance services in support of the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide. The company provides turnkey project solutions to the industry as well as component solutions to multi- party projects.

TOS was registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria on August 2013 with registration number RC1137529.

TOS success greatly depends on the ability of its staff, the quality of its equipment and the loyalty of its clients. In order to achieve success in this demanding business environment the company has identified issues that require constant attention to detail in order to achieve sustained on-going success.

TOS is constantly working to improve its management and staff to ensure sufficient strength to execute its dynamic and expanding business vision. TUK Offshore Structures places great store in its ability to develop and attract strong leaders and highly skilled staff to its ever growing business needs. These leadership qualities are well communicated and reinforced through the performance management and talent assessment processes of the company.


Safety is a priority at TOS and directly affects our staff, the environment, and our clients. TOS manages its business and operations through an Integrated Management System.

The Integrated Management System is implemented with full management commitment.

The Integrated Management System is made up of the following manuals used in all activities throughout the company:

– Quality Management System

– Safety Management System

– Environmental Management System

– Diving Operations Manuals

– Duties and Responsibilities Manual

– Emergency Procedure Manual

– General Risk Assessment

– Procedures

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